40 Questions You Can Use to Awaken Your Creativity

14 05 2009

Asking great questions can be another way to awaken creativity. Questions have the power to direct and expand our focus, and even change the way we think and act. Asking yourself great questions during the creative process can really open you up to new ways of approaching things. And on the contrary, asking yourself crappy questions can really get you stuck. (By the way, this is not just limited to questions about creativity. This can be applied to any area of your life.☺)

Let’s think about this for a minute. If you find that you are asking yourself questions like, “Why won’t this work,” then you will find answers to that question and most likely not move forward. But if you tend to ask better questions like, “What resources do I have that can make this possible?” then you will find more empowering answers and move to the next step.

So what’s the difference between a great question and a crappy question?

Great Questions Can Help You….

  1. Find Inspiration.
  2. Gain a new understanding/perspective.
  3. Make it happen/Move yourself or another person to action.
  4. Move Past Obstacles/Focus on solution rather than  problems.
  5. Provide a deeper sense of meaning for your life, mission, art…

Crappy Questions Can…

  1. Focus purely on the problem and not the solution—it makes the problem bigger than it really is.
  2. Make you feel limited or unresourceful—it puts you in a stuck state where you don’t feel like you accomplish anything, be creative, or make any progress.
  3. Create endless loops.  Like, “Why can’t I get this right?”  If you ask questions like these, you can come up with endless answers and never know for sure what things really do mean.
  4. Sabotage any future ideas, successes, or visions.

40 Questions to Awaken Creativity

Finding Inspiration
1.    What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?
2.    What do I really, really want?
3.    What’s my heart telling me?
4.    What is one of my biggest, wildest dreams?
5.    What inspires me? Where can I go for inspiration?
6.    What do I love? What am I passionate about?
7.    Who can I talk to that can inspire me? Give me new ideas?
8.    What keeps me up at night? What excites me?

Gaining A New Perspective/Seeing the Possibility
9.    What is possible? Is it possible…?
10.   What is a completely different way of looking at this?
11.    What have I not tried yet?
12.    What other way can I use this?
13.    What if…?
14.    What other choices do I have?
15.    What would I do differently if I had no fear?
16.    What is the dream?
17.    What am I building towards?

Making It Happen
18.    What does the end-result look like?
19.    What’s one thing I can do right now?
20.    What resources do I have that can make this possible?
21.    What resources do I need to make this possible?
22.    What has to happen to create this?
23.    What is one thing I can do right now to create this?
24.    What do I have to do differently to make this happen?
25.    What do I need to put in place to make this happen?
26.    Who do I know that is already doing this well?
27.    Who else has the ability to help me accomplish this?

Moving Past Obstacles/What Can I Learn
28.    What can I learn from my mistakes? Failures?
29.    How can I use this?
30.    What is beyond this problem?
31.    What if there were no limits?
32.    What can motivate me right now?
33.    What’s the most resourceful state that would help me right now?
34.    How can I use this the next time I have a similar situation?
35.    What can I find that’s great about this?
36.    Who/What can help me the most right now?

Seeing the Greater Purpose
37.    What is my ultimate mission/purpose in doing this?
38.    What is my legacy? What do I want to be remembered for?
39.    Who do I want to become as a result of doing this?
40.    How can what I’m doing have a positive impact on others/the world?

So become aware of the questions that you are asking—whether consciously or unconsciously. When you catch yourself asking a crappy question, stop, and then force yourself to think of a better question.

If you have other great questions to awaken creativity or innovation, please submit them as a comment!!




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