Services Offered

I hope you enjoy this blog as a resource for new ideas, inspiration, or further understanding of the psychology behind creativity! If you are looking for Creative Support, Consultation, or Coordination, and want more information, please leave a comment or contact me directly at:

Laura Filbert:

Overview of Services Offered

CREATIVE CONCEPTING: Bridging the gap between creative ideas and practical results: generating new ideas, approaches or actions and applying these creative ideas in a specific context.

CREATIVE EVENT COORDINATION: To coordinate and creatively support an event, seminar, professional training, speaking engagement, or any other special occassion. This includes a wide range of support, varying from: creative brainstorming and concepting, to creating and coordinating the entire structure of the event, to developing content, or creating supporting materials (manuals, visuals, syntax, etc).

CONTENT DEVELOPMENT: The art of creating or capturing raw ideas, concepts, or content and turning those into a substantial, high-caliber end-result.

CONTENT DELIVERY & EXECUTION: The ability to create and execute a strategic plan for producing and delivering content.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: To create, manage, and execute the creative process of product development (audio, video, informational, etc).


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