How to Awaken Your Greatest Self: Step Into the Unknown

22 06 2009

Most people spend the majority of their life in the place of the known.

Perhaps they are reluctant to follow their dreams or try something new because of fear of failure or from uncertainty about what might happen. They mask their true selves because they are afraid to stand out and want to fit in. They lack the immense hunger, drive, or desire needed to explore and venture out into unchartered territory. They do what others might expect them to do, follow the crowd, or construct their life based on what is normal and common.

Living in the land of the known is simply making a choice to stay imprisoned by fear—where a part of you slowly dies because you limit your ability to become more of who you were created to be.

Living in the known is one of biggest blocks to reaching your true potential.

It is in the unknown where new possibilities exist. It is a space that allows us to explore possibility, step-into into our gifts and talents, and use those gifts and talents to contribute something spectacular.

Life in the Land of the Known vs the Land of the Unknown

Think of a world where on one side is the Land of the Known and the other is the Land of the Unknown. The only thing separating these two lands is the Great Big Pond.

The Land of the Known is relatively safe; there is minimal risk and it is predictable, common, and ordinary. In fact, most of the people here tend to do the same ordinary things. This is where you will find a lot of people doing what they’ve always done, because that’s what they always do.  They think small. They don’t see what else is out there in the world. They settle for less than they can be. But overall, it’s a nice, ordinary place to live and there are a lot of satisfied and even some happy people there. The sad part is the people don’t know what they are missing because they’ve never left the comforts of their home.

The challenge is to get to the Land of the Unknown you have to cross the Great Big Pond.  While most people in the Known believe there is something better out there for their lives, they know that crossing the Pond takes a lot of effort and can be difficult at times. It takes courage, commitment, and a willingness to face some fears. Many never cross the Pond because they are fearful and afraid of all the challenges, obstacles, and uncertainties that might come up. Plus, they rationalize that life in the Known is pretty good after all.

However, once you cross the Great Big Pond you see that life in the Land of the Unknown is very different. It is more beautiful than you could have ever imagined. The people living here just seem so much more alive and vibrant—they are all very unique, yet extraordinary in their own ways. They each have their own unique  story about the risks and challenges they took to get here,  but they all share the benefit of living a life that they were destined to live. In the Unknown, they have been able to discover their true selves and have been able to largely contribute their gifts and talents to the world. In fact, all of the people that reach the Land of the Unknown say that they wish they had the courage to come over here much, much earlier because their life is better than they could ever have imagined.

It is on the other side of your fears that you will discover what you were meant to do and who you were made to be.

“Fear not the unknown for it is where your greatness resides.”

The motto in the Land of the Unknown:
May you shine so brightly that, at the end of your days, all will pause and say, “Ah, there was one who lived life fully and completely.”